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5 tips on how to create the perfect CV, what does a perfect CV look like?

5 tips on how to create the perfect CV, what does a perfect CV look like

5 tips on how to create the perfect CV , what does a perfect CV look like?

Trying to land your dream job is not as difficult as you think. You have the qualification, you have the experience to take your next step, so what is missing? 

The perfect CV…

Yes, we have 5 AWESOME tips to help you perfect the CV and MORE… We might just have your dream job waiting around the corner too!

Recruiters spend less than 6 seconds to review a CV before they make a decision to read further or not. 

The most valuable advice we at Summit Consulting can give you, to create a CV that stands out from the rest, is not to be the “average Joe” who gives general and vague details. Focus on the position you are applying for and tailor your CV accordingly by focusing on the relevant details for that field.

Your 5-step checklist:

1. The Cover Letter

Create a short and sweet cover letter. This bids as an introduction to what type of candidate you are and the position you are applying for. Write a short yet relevant cover letter stating the position you are applying for and what makes you a successful candidate for this position.

2. The Perfect Layout

The information you add onto your CV and where you place it can play a big part in landing “the” dream job.

  • Your contact information should always be on the top of the first page on your CV.
  • Always start with your most recent experience first. A recruiter or employer will most likely only look at you recent experience.
  • Add the company details of your previous employer accompanied by the sector you have worked in. It is also nice to see a company website link if possible. Don’t feel obligated to add a reference, the recruiter or employer will request it if need be.
  • Add your skill set in bullet points so that it is easy to read and stands out.
    Achievements is important but you need to give facts such as the:
    – role(s) you were in,
    – what strategies did you implement,
    – what was achieved and
    – give examples of your work.

3. De-clutter

List your tertiary education and qualifications only. Don’t list your tertiary education and qualifications with the dates and duties. This is way too much detail for recruiters to read and they may lose interest quickly.

4. Be Creative, but remain professional

Being creative is great but know when enough is indeed enough.

  • Keep your CV professional, clean and readable.
  • Stick to two colours, your text colour which is preferably black and one creative colour for your icons and skill set bars.
  • Use a readable font and a good font size.
  • If you wish to add a photo of yourself choose the photo wisely! DON’T use selfies or a couch potato look alike.
  • Take a professional shoulder length photo against a clear background.

5. Hold back on those documents!

When applying for a position spare the recruiter or employer the frustration to search for your CV between all the documents you attached.

Send your cover letter accompanied by your CV only unless specified otherwise in the job specification. Things such as your ID document and driver’s license can be sent on request.

Job hunting can be exhausting so do it right from the start and you will possibly get invited to an interview the first time around. It does not only take determination and education but it a well written 2 page CV, as the good old Robert Browning quote goes “Less is More”.

An extra golden nugget, just because we know you have what it takes!

Don’t over think it. Life is too short too short to not do the things you love! Look through our vacancies now, find your dream position and let us help you get your foot in the door!

Visit our vacancies page or e-mail us at for any enquiries.


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