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How to ACE the interview and land your DREAM JOB! | 7 Tips to help you ACE that interview

How to ACE the interview and land your DREAM JOB 7 Tips to help you ACE that interview

How to ACE the interview and land your DREAM JOB! | 7 Tips to help you ACE that interview

The word interview can be enough to send chills through your whole body. With the right preparation you can master your next interview. 

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your next deal breaker!

1. Research the company and industry.

The recruiter or employer will test your abilities by asking you how much you know about their company and by giving a vague answer is not going to cut it. 

Put in effort and do the necessary research by visiting the company’s website, social media platforms and other business pages linked to the company. 

Rather know too much than too little and study their “about” section and rephrase it into your own words. Know ‘’who’’ will be interviewing you, small details such as the name, position held at the company and a photo of the person, will put you at ease already.

2. Examine the job description and specifications.

Make sure you understand what the position entails and what will be expected from you should you be a successful candidate. 

If there is something you cannot do and they ask you about it don’t lie, rather prepare and give a suitable answer such as: “Unfortunately this is not something I am familiar with but I am willing to learn.”

Examining the job description is also the perfect time to prepare for those awkward common questions that gets asked. 

Practice easy, yet informative answers which you are comfortable with.

3. Don’t wait till the last minute.

Stress levels can rise when you wait until the last minute. Prepare a copy of your CV, portfolio and certificates well in advance.

4. Don’t choose your outfit at the last minute.

Get it ready the night before. Dress to impress the right audience. Wear clothing that suits the company look and feel and be comfortable in it.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than someone fidgeting while being interviewed.

5. Arrive early.

Arrive early, but don’t go inside until 10 minutes before the interview starts. By entering the interview too early can cause unnecessary pressure on the recruiter or employer and start the interview off on the wrong foot.

6. Ask and answer questions clearly

When the recruiter or employer asks you a question, answer clearly and don’t mutter. Speak with confidence and keep eye contact with the person performing the interview. 

Failing in doing so can put the recruiter or employer off as they may worry that you will not be able to communicate with other employees or clients.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions, this can indeed be you future so ask things you would like to know about the company. This is not just for your information but it will show your interest in the company.

7. Follow up on your interview

Send a follow up e-mail and thank the recruiter or employer for their time, you can also add notes to the e-mail which was discussed to add that personal touch. Use a good closing line such as, “Looking forward to your feedback”.

Preparation and confidence is the key to a successful interview. Know your audience, be yourself and ace that interview!

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