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7 traits to look for in an exceptional programmer!

7 traits to look for in an exceptional programmer!

7 traits to look for in an exceptional programmer!

Companies are often challenged to find the right talent when it comes to experienced programmers especially when salaries need to fit in with certain budget criterion. 

Most programmers work is conducted in front of a computer which makes the hiring process even more difficult.

Knowing the programmer’s language is important for your hiring process but this is not always possible for a recruiter or company hiring the right talent. 

The fact still stands that one needs to know the requirements for hiring the right programmer.

Here are some points that can assist you when searching for the right talent:

Impressive Technical Skills and Programming Languages

  • A mistake recruiters or companies make when hiring programmers is to work on a checklist. Instead of requiring 3 years of C++ and on year of Java look at the current and past language codes the programmer has to offer. A most recent language to a portfolio can be a bonus to past experience the programmer has.

Desire to Learn

  • Technology evolves daily, the skills a programmer has today might be outdated in the future. A great programmer will need to stay updated with the latest trends and will need to learn any new skills to stay updated with new technology.

Debugging Skills

  • Writing code is only one aspect of a programmer’s job. If Software is not working as it is supposed to it is the programmer’s job to find the root of the issue. Instead of looking for a programmer who puts in hours and hours of coding to work around the issue fins a programmer who is willing to search for the issue and contribute solutions.

Suitable Working Environment

  • When interviewing a programmer ask him/her about their suitable working environment. Some programmers thrive in chaos while others enjoy their silence. Clearing this up before hand can help you find the right candidate for the position at your clients firm.

Problem Solving Skills

  • A new project can be a daunting task and having the right people on your team can lead to its success. Programmers have the knowledge and experience on how to solve math equations. A great developer will find ways on how to make things work despite the factors working against him or her.

Ability to work under Pressure

  • People might not see it on the outside of a company but a programmer work is very stressful. Deadlines are important in the work of a programmer and a great programmer will now how to work under pressure an meet the necessary deadlines.

Good People Skills

  • One might think a developer does not work with people and that they sit in front of their computers the entire day but that is not true. Programmers need to communicate with mangers and co-workers to develop the end product. Programmers are often required to sit in meetings to explain how the software works.


It is not an easy to find a great programmer especially if your knowledge about programmers are limited. When hiring a new programmer to your team you might want to ask one of your current programmers to sit in on the interview to make sure you find the perfect fit.

We at Summit Africa Recruitment only source the best of the best programmers for the job. We have the resources and experience to help you fill that spot!

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