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Land your dream job via LinkedIn with this new trick!

Land your dream job
Land your dream job via LinkedIn with this new trick!

Searching for a new career path is a lot different than what it was in the old days. Instead of dropping your CV off by hand, your LinkedIn profile is your new digital CV and recruiters get notified when you are looking for a new position. 

With LinkedIn’s features such as adding media, connecting with other professionals in one click, LinkedIn has become your number one portfolio and networking tool.

It is worth it to know how to set up your LinkedIn profile so that you can win points on those first impressions. Optimizing your LinkedIn portfolio to land the top 10 search results is crucial for a potential interview at a future company. 

LinkedIn portfolios require a complete profile, a compelling summary and a list of verifiable skills. LinkedIn has just launched a new, very useful trick to make you stand out from the rest of the career-driven crowds: Skill Assessments. 

You can validate and emphasise your skills with this tool.

Endorsements are a thing of the past. Recruiters are not easily fooled, we all know it is easy to ask relatives to endorse a skill on your LinkedIn profile. Skills Assessments draws on the professional knowledge LinkedIn has accumulated for their learning video course platform to create multiple-choice quizzes as a substantial measure of how skilled you are.

The list of skills you can validate yourself against is growing and it included key skills such as Adobe Photoshop, Java and Microsoft Excel.

It’s easy to complete. Here’s how it works:

1. Opt to ‘Take skill quiz’ in the Skills & Endorsements section of your LinkedIn profile
2. Choose from the recommended quizzes, or search the full list of skill quizzes available
3. Complete a multiple-choice quiz based on the skill set you want to verify

If you pass the test, a verified badge is added to the skill on your profile. If you don’t pass the test, this isn’t reflected on your profile at all. What’s more, you’re able to brush-up on that skill and take the test again. 

It really is that simple.

Take your LinkedIn profile to the next level and complete the Skill Assessments. You might just land that dream career after all.

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