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IT companies continue to hire as the demand for skill increases!

Cloud Computing
IT companies continue to hire as the demand for skill increases!

During this uncertain and trying time, SUMMIT continues to be committed to do what is right for our clients, candidates, and our own employees. 

As companies take preventative measures to ensure the safety of their employees and remotely on-board new candidates, SUMMIT will be there to ease the burden.

COVID-19 has required all sectors of business and society to re-evaluate tried and trusted systems. Recruitment procedures are no different.

While there is a lot of uncertainty during this lockdown period, one factor remains consistent – business cannot come to a complete stop. Therefore, it is imperative that procedures – including recruitment – evolve to adapt to the new international reality.

COVID-19 has unfortunately influenced employment worldwide and an influx of candidates are likely to be looking for new positions in the aftermath of the pandemic, turning the job market into an even more competitive space.

It is important for all job seekers to recognise that companies are still hiring during this pandemic. While many of SA’s businesses are left with no option but to trim salaries, retrench or close their doors, many IT companies are looking to hire as the need for their services grows.

The latest stats show that Software Developers and Software Engineers are in the top 5 most sought-after skills wanted in the job market. 

Even though the rareness factor of IT skills across some positions has dipped, the demand for technical skills is still high and the supply of experienced skills is still scarce.

The latest findings show that surveyors and mechanical engineers are currently earning the highest salaries in the country, with java developer’s taking home 3 percent less in annual earnings than they did in 2019.

At SUMMIT we are still in full swing and sourcing top quality candidates for our valued clients.

  • Job Spec Evaluation
    Full meeting and evaluation with our clients regarding each position’s urgency and requirements. Job profiling and company culture is detailed in full to get the most suitable candidate.
  • Diversity and EE Support
    SUMMIT Africa Recruitment believes in diversity and to provide Professional Recruitment Services to all our clients and candidates. SUMMIT Africa Recruitment is a proud BEE Level 2 Contributor.
  • Headhunting
  • Advertising positions
    We use several online platforms as a form of marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote our client’s positions that we are sourcing for.
  • MIE checks:
    Background screening: We can quickly and efficiently with the assistance of MIE provide verification of qualifications, credit records, fraud records, criminal records, drivers licenses, employment references, and citizen checks.
  •  In-depth reference checks

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