Summit Africa Recruitment

We aim to build strong, long-lasting business and strategic relationships!




With our head office in Cape Town, SUMMIT fills positions in companies that are evolving and expanding and we are ready to assist and manage expectations of both parties as best we can. We are a specialist recruitment agency with a team of experts who have years of experience in the recruitment industry and are aware of issues which arise in today’s corporate world. Hence, we make it our priority to find paramount talent by using the most effective and efficient methods to make the process smooth and professional to ensure the longevity and retention of all our placements resulting in happy clients.

We have a thorough process to keep all parties satisfied and can assist you with recruitment through our specialized service offerings. A business cannot exist without qualified, experienced and motivated people and with the rapid pace of evolving markets, businesses and technology it is of utmost importance to identify and hire qualified and experienced people.

We believe in introducing the employer and employee, managing expectations from the very start and keeping the best interests of both parties in mind. This way people can achieve their career goals by being placed with the best suited companies and creating a win-win situation with a smoother recruitment process.

Integrity and loyalty are one of our core values and we are passionate about all the companies that we assist with recruitment and we try our best to make this felt by all potential employees we communicate with.

We aim to build strong, long-lasting business and strategic relationships with the companies and candidates with whom we do business with. We are always readily available, should our expertise be required.