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Permanent Recruitment & Contract Recruitment.

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A problem shared is a problem halved and at SUMMIT we believe in quality over quantity. SUMMIT is a 100% South African established Tech Recruitment Agency with a BEE level 2 status. We understand the gap in the tech market in South Africa and have a specialist’s team of consultants who know exactly how to bridge this. Developing regions are constantly upgrading their own technological capabilities, and the global marketplace has become increasingly liberalized and competitive. We help source the top globally competitive technical specialist to help established and start-up companies to compete successfully in the world market.

Permanent Recruitment & Contract Recruitment


Professional Recruitment Services

SUMMIT strives to provide a professional service to our clients and candidates throughout a variety of industries. Comprised of a team of experts who recruit permanent, contract and disability staff in various industries and locations in South Africa. We also offer our candidates professional guidance and the opportunity to find their dream job.

Job Spec Evaluation 

Full meeting and evaluation with our clients regarding each positions urgency and requirements. Job profiling and company culture is detailed in full to get the most suitable candidate.

Follow Ups

Regular follow ups are conducted once a placement is made. Following up with both our client and candidate, ensuring everything remains in order and that both parties are satisfied with their new move.

Diversity and EE Support

SUMMIT Africa Recruitment believes in diversity and to provide Professional Recruitment Services to all our clients and candidates. SUMMIT Africa Recruitment is a proud BEE Level 2 Contributor.

Speed and Accuracy

The right combination of Quality and Quantity is what we focus on making sure all our work is above standard quality and all other administration work such as checks are completed.


We use advanced tools and methods in order to find talent and to locate individuals who meet specific job requirements for our clients.

Advertising positions

We use several online platforms as a form of marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote our clients positions that we are sourcing for.

Security and Checks

MIE checks:

  • Background screening: We can quickly and efficiently with the assistance of MIE provide verification of qualifications, credit records, fraud records, criminal records, drivers licenses, employment references, and citizen checks.

Reference checks:

  • An in-depth reference check from previous employers relating to the standard of work, employee relationships, disciplinary hearings, attitude, timeliness, standard of work etc.
Cyber Security

Psychological Assessments

  • Personality measures
    – OPP, 15FQ+, JTI
  • Cognitive ability measures
    – GRT2, CRTB2, CTB2, TTB
  • Developmental measures
    – OIP, VMI, JTI

Assessments on both present and future employees need to be done accurately. Assessments get assessed on their capabilities, competencies and personalities and are conducted by a registered and experienced psychometrist.